Freedom, Capitalism, Limited Government, and the Pursuit of Happiness


Monopolies can exist with Freedom and Capitalism for a very limited period of time only with government support and subsidies(Corporate Welfare).  Socialism and Communism ARE government monopolies.

Hong Kong from 1945(total war damage & no natural resources) which is almost pure Capitalism.

This is not an article for totally “unfettered” Capitalism without any regulation which the

Socialists use an excuse to argue for continued government growth.  In fact, pollution regulation

is a good example of the proper role of government to provide a level playing field.

This is about reducing total government spending(Federal, State, and Local) and the associated taxes from over 40% now to about 30% in the future

The Socialist economies of Europe and Asia have and are taxing  to levels almost double this goal which

Twice in the 20th  century Freedom and Capitalism have had to rescue a pacifist socialist Europe and Asia from wars started by militant socialists.

a standing start in WWII and saved millions of people

The first steps to return our country to the greater opportunities of Freedom and Capitalism and a  Constitutional Limited Government  include: